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IRIAL is the Italian company, founded by Iris Tiberio and located in Venice hinterland, that designs and produces decorative surfaces in aluminum and other metals, combining ancient techniques and modern materials, to exalt the features in every type of space. Our creation have a refined, original, minimalist style, but also rich in color and with various texture available with the made in Italy flavour.

The company bases its roots in the values of Italian human and professional tradition: inventiveness, originality, aesthetic research, but also dedication, attention and respect for work, for people and for social themes.

IRIAL Home is a modern line of furnishing components: decorative panels and functional products, with a unique and modern style, ideal for every type of location and easy to install.

For further information about our Company, you can visit IRIAL.

Irial headquarter in Noventa di Piave (Venice - Italy)